Patch Pes 2018 By Vanwaelah V2 for apk pes 2018 V2.1.0

Patch Vanwaelah V2 for apk pes 2018 V2.1.0

Fitur :
  • full lisensi league EPL , italian league, La liga , other European Teams , Liga 1 Indonesia , Club Classic , world cup
  • Full lisensi Manager
  • Fix select strip jersey (Home/Away)
  • Fitur tambahan :
  • kits Home FIFA 18 Fantasy ( MU, Juve , Madrid , Bayern Munchen ) at 
  • kits Away Fantasy MU & Juve 
  • kits PES Legend kayak jersey Bechkam 
  • Kits My Club PES
  • kits TOTY ( Team of The Year )
  • kits America Classics
  • kits UEFA Classics
  • kits WORLD Classics
  • kits CHILE Fantasy
  • Kits ITALY Fantasy
  • Kits NETHERLANDS Fantasy
  • fix bug

New Fitur : 

  • Change Background
  • Change Pict Player (Manchester United Only)
Screenshoot : 

  • Purple 18A
  • Blue s17

Link Download

Via Google Drive

Via Mega


  • Minimum Patch
  • Mas Afkar
  • Mas Muhammad Aghuse
  • Vanwaelah

maybe want to ask tutorial how to use pake i can ask via fb

That is all and thank you

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6 komentar

  1. well done bro! i feel a bit weird on the color background of 18A players. A mix of black and purple ?!? hmmm i have no idea of better mix but i think u can make it up hahahaha. BTW Great works Bro!
    From Vietnam with Love!

    1. Hahaha.thanks for your advice bro, because we are confused to choose the color, so we choose the existing color only :-D

  2. Hello, can you change the player's name?

    1. To name the player can be changed but it is useless if modified it will not be mentioned by the comments

  3. can you give CPK link for Vanwaelah V2 for apk pes 2018 V2.1.0?

  4. Anyone plz help me. I tried to change my team kits but I can not change