OBB Manchester United V.2.2.0 By TMPATCH

Kali ini saya akan share patch By TMpatch

Dengan feature +full lisensi big league seperti Premier League, La liga, Serie A,Championship, Segunda division, Serie B +full lisensi 18 tim bundesliga +full lisensi liga indonesia +many other teams with great kits +full lisensi pelatih dari 3 liga teratas, premier league, la liga, serie a

+ 9 team of emyu
+ update kit pesib, pesija, pesela, siwijaya, bali, madula, psm
+ hen celebrating goal, comentator call name of player(english only)
+grapich menu of Manchester United +this patch in from my own base so its so different from other patch

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PASWORD : tmpatch

Nb : jika ingin re share silahkan pakai link ori yg ane cantumin, jangan dibugilin, hargai creator

jika ingin donasi silahkan ke nomor 081 252 652 052
harus ikhlas, dan ga wajib
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