TMPatch V Real Madrid Light Version COMPATIBLE WITH RESOLUTION 18:9

TMPatch V Real Madrid Light Version

COMPATIBLE WITH RESOLUTION 18:9 this patch for pes 2018 with version 2.3.0(newest) In this time i will share my patch tht feature :
  1. full lisensi 18 tim bundesliga
  2. full lisensi big league seperti Premier League, La liga, Serie A,Championship, Segunda division, Serie B
  3. full lisensi liga indonesia
  4. update several kit of indonesian league
  5. many other teams with great kits
  6. full licence top coach from 3 top league, premier league, Laliga and Serie A
  7. add 10+ teams of Real Madrid C.F.
  8. Grapich of Real Madrid C.F.
  9. Special comentator if goal(english only)
  10. this patch is from my own base so its so different from other patch
  11. new licenced coach : pekerman, tite, m. lippi
  12. badge for big teams

Choose one
if link error, try in other links

in this patch it 2 version
-a. player background ori
-b. player background stripes

so watch this video until end to know feature and different of two version of this patch Dipatch ini ada 2 versi
-a. background pemain ori
-b. background pemain stripes

 jadi kalian harus tonton video ini sampai selesai untuk mengetahui fitur dan perbedaan dari kedua versi patch ini pilih salah satu, jika link error coba link yg lain


Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Alternative 3


Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Alternative 3

Password : tmpatch

cara pasangnya/ how to instal

IND : Jika ingin re share pakailah link ori dari saya, hargailah kerja kerasku untuk buat patch ini
ENG : If you want to re share this patch you should use my original link, please respect my work
jika ingin donasi di
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