PES 2018 Mobile Itangashr Patch v1.0 Apk v233

PES 2018 Mobile Itangashr Patch v1.0

Compatible untuk PES 2018 Mobile V2.3.3

Apa yang baru/Whats New:

  1. Spesial Komentator (English Only)
  2. Update Kits Liga 1 Indonesia ‎
  3. Update Logo Tim Gojek Liga 1
  4. Semua Logo tim 3D (90%) 
  5. ‎Startscreen PES 2019 Demo
  6. PES 2019 Graphic (by Itang ashari)
  7. ‎NEW Miniface 400+
  8. ‎NEW! Turf
  9. ‎NEW! Adboard PES 2019
  10. ‎NEW! Scoreboard
  11. ‎Kits Timnas Indonesia Asean Games 2018 🔥
  12.  ‎Update Full Kits Europe 2018/19 

  • ‎Napoli (GK, Home)*
  • AC Milan
  • ‎Arsenal
  • ‎As Monaco (Home, Away)*
  • ‎As Roma
  • ‎Atletico Madrid
  • ‎Barcelona
  • ‎FC Bayern Munchen
  • ‎SL Benfica
  • ‎Birmingham
  • ‎Bournemouth
  • ‎Brighton Albion
  • ‎Burnley
  • ‎Cardiff
  • ‎Celta Vigo
  • ‎Chelsea FC
  • ‎Crystall Palace
  • ‎Borussia Dortmund
  • ‎Everton
  • ‎FC Koln
  • ‎Fulham
  • ‎Huddersfield
  • ‎FC Internazionale Milano
  • ‎Juventus
  • ‎Leicester City
  • ‎Liverpool
  • ‎OL Lyon (Home, Away)*
  • ‎Manchester City
  • ‎Manchester United
  • ‎Marseille
  • ‎Newcastle
  • ‎FC Porto
  • ‎Paris Saint Germain
  • ‎Real Madrid CF
  • ‎Sevilla
  • ‎Sheffield United
  • ‎Southampton
  • ‎Tottenham
  • ‎Valencia
  • ‎Watford
  • ‎West Ham
  • ‎Worverhampton
  • ‎and many more....
  • ‎Another team with 2nd kit I replace with 3rd ‎kits

  • Real Kits Font
  • Real Colour Kit view
  • Background Music
  • FIX No String Sportmanship
  • Support 18:9 (patch work correctly but the startscreen display not full)

Kits Credit: LucasRK, Geo_Craig, iPatch, Konami. Convert by Me

• Don't share direct link, If you want to share please just include the channel link instead of the link below.• ‎Jangan share link langsung, jadi orang indonesia yang bijak, kalau mau share harap share link channel aja bukan link download di bawah.

Do not share direct download link!

Cara instal :
  • Download semua part 1-3,
  • ekstrak part 1 saja (yg penting diletakan difolder yg sama.
  • Pindahkan obb ke internal/android/obb
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9 komentar

  1. The start screen doesnt support 18:9 aspect ration(galaxy s8)

    1. yes bro, sorry that only support this version

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. there's some problem with the part 1 says you can't access this file currently because too many users viewed this link recently.
    it would be great if you could provide us another link.

    1. Thank you, we just added the Via Mega Download download link, please check

  4. Guy I am facing problem in one account playing as bayern munich, i always crashes when game starts in pitch both in training and event mode, I feels it is due to some player as in other account it working perfectly

    1. thank you for the bug report, we will immediately report it to the patch maker to be corrected immediately :)

  5. Hi

    Could you please explain the steps in English once..?

    1. How to install:
      Download all 1-3 parts,
      extract part 1 only (the important one is the same folder.
      Move obb to internal / android / obb