Shadow Kernel v4.7 Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo)

Shadow Kernel v4.7 Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo)


This work is based on the source from the ElementalX If you want pure experience of that kernel you can head to that thread.

Features :
  • Compiled with Linaro gcc 6.4.1 Toolchain
  • Cpu Governors : Interactive, Cultivation, Darkness, ZZmoove, Ondemand, Performance and Powersave
  • GPU Governors : msm-adreno-tz, simple_ondemand, bw_hwmon etc
  • I/O schedulers : maple, fiops, zen, noop, sio, deadline etc
  • Overclocked CPU LITTLE to 1440MHz and big to 1843MHz
  • mild stable uv applied and option to apply more uv is available via installer
  • GPU frequencies 133MHz, 200MHz and 366MHz added
  • Adreno Boost, Adreno idler available
  • Wake gestures : DT2W, Sweep2Wake and Sweep2Sleep available
  • Sound control available with audio codec gating removal by default in cmdline
  • KCAL Color Control
  • Slimbus OC and Enhancements
  • Toggles for Software CRC, Fsync, Gentle fair sleepers and Arch power
  • State Notifier driver
  • Powersuspend driver
  • exFAT and NTFS r/w support
  • TCP Congestion algorithms : westwood, reno, bic, cubic, highspeed etc
  • Power efficient workqueues
  • Shadow Scheduling
  • Option to choose charging rate 2400,2100 and 2000ma available with USB fast charge
  • Gamepad Support
  • Flash and Go kernel. Everything made simple and easy with aroma installer
You can find detailed changelogs here

Download Link :

Bugs :
You Tell 


Credits :
@flar2, @Umang96, @frap129, @billchen1977, @TheStrix, @psndna88, @MOVZX, @arter97, @ScreaMySkrillEX, @abhishek987, @Irvin16, @xyyx, @Adarsh1998

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