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Patch PES 2020 Mobile V4.0.2 eFootbal By TRIZR PATCH

Patch PES 2020 Mobile V4.0.2 eFootbal By TRIZR PATCH
Whats' New:
What's New :
Bug Fixed:
No Gloves
Wrong Collar
Colombian League (Liga Águila)
Add New Miniface, Total= 3.462
Add New Kits (RB Leipzig, FC Köln, Paderbon, and more..)
Licensed All Team Names
Licensed All League Names
Licensed Coach Names
New Referee Kits
Add Efootball & Legend
Tutorial Download :


  • Premier League - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits
  • Sky Bet Championship - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits
  • Seri A - Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits
  • La Liga Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits
  • Other Latin American Teams - (add MLS, Major League Soccer ) Fully Licensed Correct teams names, logos and kits
  • Liga 1 Indonesia Replaced PEU League Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits
  • Other & Classic Team Replaced PLA League Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits
  • Liga MX Replaced PAS League Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits
  • Bundesliga Fully Licensed - Correct team names, logos and kits
  • Licenced More Than 100 Managers
  • Add More Than 3455 Minifaces
  • NEW Referee Kits
Screenshot :

Tutorial For NON-Root

Tutorial For Root

Link Updated On 14/11/2019

PATCH (40Mb)
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Minimumpatch, RakaGFX, ByBREDI, ArtsGFX99, MitchellCook, rossogfx, Mackalbrook, dianjay, AW-Edition, adi-149, rkruspe, tedinameti, owesleyf, FLETCHER39, azzouazzou, GfxUncle, redboy64, iKt8, rajeshsawant1998, MohamedALAAGFX for Wallpaper, Agylsheva KitmakerPes Kits All In 2016Iann VicariNemanjaBREMRI_20, Matteo, Ge-Evolution, Cronos, G-StyleAerial EdsonBalto EditaPencho Galleta4N63LChandra CL7, Gilang, Dimangkit, Andi F., Geo Craig 90PTE Patch, Bayuneng 2016, Carrasco1liveAymen YastRin, Anto_RO 21, IPATCHBlueboy_73Swoosh1968JCH331994ReqzoBalto EditaEC27 KitmakerAditya29 Design, Armandarillo, Homer S., Astracell, VinnicisnerosLucas Rk, Angel Torero, Pnkit, ssxsxsx for tools, Jenkey1002 for tools, and other people for their precious works!

Minimum Patch Team has no right of the game (Pro Evolution Soccer).
All rights belongs to KONAMI.

4 Komentar untuk "Patch PES 2020 Mobile V4.0.2 eFootbal By TRIZR PATCH"

  1. Ada yg pake patch trizr? Kalo non root masuk via multiple account kok gagal mulu ya login google dan kalo login konami id pasti masuk ke pes yg bukan multi account. Mohon solusinga

    1. nggk bisa login google gan kalau via multiple account mah

  2. pasang patchnya bagaimana ya? mohon bantuannya


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