English Special Commentary PES 2020 Mobile V4.6.0

English Special Commentary PES 2020 Mobile V4.6.0
English Commentary + 10.286​ Player Callnames
For PES 2020 Mobile V4.6.0
The commentary file was Built By Predator002.
Converted by Trizr Patch for PES Mobile version.

Features :
  • Player Callnames:
  • 2456 original + 7830 added​
  • Total = 10286​
  • Team Callnames:
  • Total = 1212
  • After Goal Scoring Player Callnames
  • This Commentary also includes additional situational callname variety across players and teams. Added extra variety to selection of teams so that team names are mentioned in different circumstances, during corner kicks, free kicks, goals, national anthems at the usual random moments.
Normal Commentary & Special Commentary
Normal Commentary is built in from PES Mobile and has thousands of callnames for players and teams. The Special Commentary has additional features, if the player has scored a goal the commentator calls the player’s name, for example “Wonderfulll wonderfulll Lionel Messi!“, “Fantastic from Cristiano Ronaldo!”, “Adrianooo woww what a goal!” and many more. This feature is not owned by the default PES Mobile 2020 commentary, because in the default version of PES Mobile commentators usually call the player before kicking the ball to score a goal, not when he has scored it.


*Special Attention
Please do not share a direct link. Because it is a bad act. It should be noted that making patches is very tiring, a sacrifice of time, energy and sometimes costs a lot. So we make sense and must be understood if we do shortlinks. We are sure you all understand, thank you and hope you like the patch.

This is special commentary with additional features
➣Player Callnames:
2456 original + 7830 added​
Total = 1212

This is original commentary with additional features
➣Player Callnames:
2456 original + 7830 added​
Total = 1212
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